Free Bubble Shooter Game

Did you know that you can play video games online now for free? Granted that this is the day and age where people of all ages enjoy this type of entertainment, most gamers still cling to the notion that if you want to play something, you will have to pay for it. Yes, this is true when you play games using consoles and/or buy games for your computer. However, there are websites nowadays that provide games free of charge. One kind is a free bubble shooter game, which has always been popular ever since the early 90s. Although there are limitations to the games you can actually play, those that have simple game play are often abundant in host websites.

The best kind of bubble shooter games is a free bubble shooter game. Years ago, if you wanted to have this in your arsenal of game titles, you would need to buy a disc or a cartridge in order to do so. In fact, a puzzle bubble game would cost you a lot of money even if the genre was considered to be simple as compared to other games such as RPGs and those in the action category. However, bubble shooters do provide a great degree of entertainment even in the simplest format. They require you to use skill, strategy as well as patience. If those aren’t ingredients for what makes a great game recipe, then what is? Do not let the platform of a free bubble shooter game fool you. What starts off easy can turn into one of the hardest levels you have ever played, more so than boss fights in classic RPGs and gaining new weapons in first-person shooters.

You may already be familiar with how bubble shooters are played. However, a little refresher couldn’t hurt now, would it? As a shooter, you will need to “shoot” bubbles of a particular colour to a collective of other bubbles in every level. Common colours are red, blue, purple, yellow and the like. However, depending on the developer, the shades can be more. You will need to shoot the bubbles from your end towards the collective and ensure that you are hitting ones of the same colours. When you have grouped them together in threes or more, they will pop and in return you will receive points. That is the main objective of bubble shooters as well as other bubble-related titles that you will be able to find online. Get the highest points and qualify for the game centre’s leader boards for the world to see.

Finally, is there a catch as to why these games are for free? How will the website benefit from you playing their wares free of charge? The sites earn by placing ads, which has totally nothing to do with you at all. You can choose to view the ads on your own or just play the game without being distracted by anything else. Believe it or not, these websites make a lot of money from hosting free bubble shooter games and still maintain their integrity without being fraudulent in their dealings.