How Do You Beat The Champion On Duck Life 4

Duck Life 4 is a browser-based flash game and the 4th installment of Duck Life series. The game has cute storyline where player needs to restore their destroyed farm to its former state by training and racing their ducks. Players can either participate in the race themselves or build a team of ducks in order to collectively participate in the race.

The player needs to enhance the skills of their Ducks in order to make them strong and able to beat the champion. The Champion is a fierce duck that possess abilities such as immunity from fire and infinite flying power. In order to beat up the champion, the player needs to develop and master the skill sets as these skills are required to complete different races.


Following are the important skill sets, which you need to master in order to beat the Champion in Duck Life 4:

  • Climbing: Climbing skill set defines your ability to climb hilltops, walls, or mountains. The better is your climbing ability; the faster you will overcome the obstacles.
  • Flying: Flying skill enables the player to fly in the air for longer time. Player can enhance their flying skill by participating in different training exercises. Do keep in mind that it can take some time until you start flying “freely”. In other Duck life games (like the next one – Duck Life 5) it is much easier.
  • Running: Running skill is essential to win races which require running abilities. Running improves your speed and makes you prepared for races that require certain speed level.

duck life

  • Swimming: Swimming ability can be mastered in order to swim faster and the ability can be enhanced by taking swimming exercises.
  • Energy: Energy is the most important component or skill set as it determines the level to which your duck can perform the tasks. It defines your longevity in the game. The levels that involve multiple skills set needs lots of energy as well because less energy may lead to fatigue.
  • Jumping: Jumping skill improves your jumping ability and enhances the way you respond to the obstacles. Your jumps will be higher, longer, and quicker if you completely master your Jumping Skill.

duck life 5 ! exclusive! from return man on Vimeo.

You need to master these skills up to 150 levels, or before you face the champion. Once you master all these levels, defeating the champion will be cup of a tea for you. The final race with the champion will include fire traps and remember that the champion is immune to fire damages. So, you need to be careful and avoid the fire traps in order to beat the champion, as you are much ahead of him in other skill sets.